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Baume & Mercier (French pronunciation: [bɔm ˈe mer-sjej]) is a Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1830. It is a subsidiary of the Swiss luxury conglomerate Richemont.

John Carver wrote "This rating is about dealing with Baume & Mercier, not this particular watch. I have enjoyed my B&M for two decades plus, but when it finally needed service, I learned it had to go back to Geneva and the cost would be a few thousand US dollars. Thinking it deserved an overhaul, I sent it to the Dallas office of B&M and they sent it to Geneva. MONTHS later I got the watch back but with smudges on the face that cheapened its look. If they would leave the face looking so bad, what might be the case inside? I returned the watch to get the poor face work redone. Again, it took MONTHS, but I finally got it back in seemingly great condition. However, in a few months the hour hand began to slip so that it never told the correct time (hours off every day, not minutes). At this point, having lost all faith in B&M company, I found a local watch repair guy who agreed to fix the problem...that turned out to be (as I understand it) a bad axle for the hour hand. He is having trouble finding a part but thinks he can manufacture the part needed. His price was in the hundreds of US$. B&M is a good watch, but the B&M company cannot be trusted to be fair or provide even marginal customer service if something goes wrong."


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